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 Tolvi Brushless Stainless Steel 1200mm x 500mm


Tolvi Ceiling Cooker Hood 1200mm x 500mm with Brushless slimline motor -  Fits UK Ceiling Joist Heights

This stunning energy efficient ceiling extractor is the very best in quality, handmade Italian crafted master piece.

This extractor has LED lighting, easy to install either into your ceiling or simply lower a box section on your existing ceiling, very powerful 800m³/hr A++ motor, remote control with additional manual controls and a high grade stainless steel finish. With a 25w central LED panel illumination for added kitchen dining light, our new designed brushless slimline motor will allow you to fit your hood in to a minimum joist height of 190mm.

This hood must be installed on minimum 6" / 150mm round ducting or rectangular equivalent (Our 6" ducting is 220mm x 90mm).This will allow for the highest extraction rate possible for the hood and aid in reducing noise from the motor

Please view our Ducting And Vents before making a purchase so you know which components are available and to add any additional equipment you might need.

This hood must not be installed higher than 2 meters above your hob.

60cm x 60cm - LA-60-Tolvi-BR
90cm x 50cm - LA-90-Tolvi-BR

We also offer the 120cm Tolvi with an external motor unit.

Energy Saving
Generally, the efficiency of brushed motors is limited within the range of 75% to 80%, Brushless motors are capable of up to 90% efficiency.
The sound and heat produced by a brushed motor essentially represent power losses from the device, taking energy away from the rotor. In brushless motors, the amounts of sound and heat produced are greatly reduced, resulting in significantly higher efficiency. There is still some energy loss due to air friction as the rotor rapidly rotates, but this is minimal.

Quieter Motor Operation
Friction and electrical arcing between brushes and commutator plates in brushed motors produce substantial motor noise. In brushless motors, the job of commutation is carried out by an electronic circuit, resulting in much quieter operation at a lower pitch of sound.
Although the rapid rotation of the rotor still creates the characteristic “whirring” sound, it is still a huge improvement over traditional brushed motors.

Better Power to Weight Ratio
Fewer mechanical components mean brushless motors have lower mass than brushed motors. The result: brushless motors offer a better power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratio than brushed motors.

Longer Life Motor
The brushes in brushed motors are gradually worn away with use since they are in constant contact with the. Brushless motors do not face this problem, which drastically increases the life span of the motor.

The Tolvi includes the brushless slimline motor, and can also be used with a removable motor option that allows you to place the motor in an adjacent room to reduce noise within the kitchen. 

Tolvi 120cm x 50cm Slimline Brushless Motor - Full LED Panel

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