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150cm Linea Cooker Hood - LED - Black - DOUBLE MOTOR


150cm Designer Linea twin motor range cooker hood in Black.

Also available in stainless steel and white. 

The new double motor Linea is ideal for demanding chefs who enjoy intensive cooking. Designed for looks and functionality, this hood has 2 chimney stacks, each with an 'A' rated 800m³/hr energy efficient motor with individual controls so that you can operate each motor independently. 
2 x 7w Led strip lights run underneath the hood and are controlled individually. This hood has 2 black glass panels to give a sleek stylish design to give a smooth, quality feel.

This cooker hood also has easy access to grease filter with a pull down glass panel, very high extraction rates 950m³/hr and must be fitted on minimum 5” ducting. All Luxair wall mounted hoods come with a free 7 years warranty (subject to regsitration)

You will need to run each motor on its own individual ducting run, and can not be installed on one duct system. 

  The Linea benefits from having Perimeter Aspiration using the Venturi Effect, meaning steam and odours are drawn in through a particular air flow along the edge of the glass. In this case air accelerates as it passes through the constricted area and then decreases immediately behind the glass allowing the motor to easily extract air at high rates.


Please view our Ducting Kits and Charocal Filters before making a purchase to ensure you have all the equipment you need.


150cm Linea Hood Black

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