Ducting For Kitchens Explained

Not all ducting is the same

You will see many versions of ducting for kitchens across the web, but be aware that all ducting is not the same, Luxair have developed our own ducting system to ensure that the quality cooker hood you have purchased matches the ducting and components we supply, we have made all the connectors push fit thus saving time and money on installation. If you need flexible as most cooker hoods do, never ever use the white plastic tumble dryer vent hoses, they will melt and even cause a fire if exposed to a flame, these are not recommended for cooker hoods, if you need to use a flexible pipe please always use either the or our

Do Not Use Thsi Hose

If you are purchasing a ceiling extractor hood regardless of its size or shape, we thoroughly recommend you use 150mm 6" equivalent ducting and never use 4" on these hoods, the reason is, if you install 4" ducting on a motor that extracts at minimum 750 m³/hr the back pressure caused by the ducting not been able to vent the air quickly enough, will cause the motor to fail within a very short space of time, it’s a little like blowing through a very small straw, your cheeks will hurt after a period of time, so the bigger the pipe the better the airflow, Its also worth pointing out that if you or your kitchen installer has put 4” (100mm) ducting on your new extractor fan you will experience Increased noise levels, Vibration, Grease build up, and total failure of either the motor unit or the switch unit.  

125mm ducting otherwise known as system 125 can be used on all our wall mounted cooker hoods with motors extracting up to 750 m³/hr and not above, for the same reasons as above please always follow our advise and you new cooker hood will last for many years if kept clean and the metal grease filters are also cleaned on a regular basis.