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** NEW ** 90cm Designer Stainless Steel & Black Glass Downdraft Cooker Hood

Introducing the LA-90-DOWNDRAFT-SS, the all new and classic looking Stainless Steel & Black Glass 90cm Downdraft from Luxair.

Now finished in a full Matt Black designer paint finish, this statement piece downdraft cooker hood will not only extract your odours for you whilst cooking, but will also look the part in your designer kitchen when entertaining your guests and when not in use simply disappear back into your worktop out of the way for you

With its black glass control panel on top, it is so simple to use. Simply turn on the hood and it will rise elegantly to 200mm before turning on the motor. To raise higher or lower simply adjust at your will to get the desired height you wish. Whereas most models on the market will only rise to 350mm - 400mm in height, this downdraft cooker hood will rise to a maximum of 500mm in height to help catch the steam and odours of the higher pans that may be used.

Cooking vapours and steam are extracted in the normal way as a wall mounted, island cooker hood or ceiling extractor, however the vapours go down and out, rather than up and out and if you have room in your kitchen island unit or have the space against the wall, you can run your ducting under the floor to the outside wall pretty must the same way as if it was in your ceiling. As an added bonus the motor can be moved to the front or the back of the hood if required for installation, as well as being able to be rotated 360 degrees if required, thus negating any issues with fitting.

Fitted with a powerful and highly efficient 800m³/hr motor, this stunning designer downdraft features a singular LED strip light, simple to use touch controls and easy clean grease filters, so go on and treat yourself today to a designer statement piece cooker hood that your kitchen deserves.

Please view our Ducting and Vents Section before making a purchase, to ensure you have all the equipment you will need to help you duct out your downdraft hood correctly. This hood should ideally be installed on a minimum 6" / 150mm round ducting or rectangular equivalent. our equivalent rectangular ducting is 220mm x 90mm. This will help maximise performance and extraction levels for you and help to keep your kitchen fresh and odour free, as well as aid in reducing noise from the motor.

*** 2 years parts and labour warranty, with a further 3 years parts (subject to registration) ***

90cm - Designer Downdraft Hidden Extractor - Stainless Steel & Black Glass

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