Cooker Hoods What do they Do?

Cooker Hoods Buying Guide


Most general houses will normally need and require a cooker hood, depending on your kitchen designer, planning the range and style of cooker hoods is limitless. Luxair have the largest most up to date range of wall mounted cooker hoods and in colour options to suit. Our wall mounted cooker hoods come in a large range of size options from, 60cm cooker hoods to 120cm cooker hoods. These various size options allow for different variations of your cooker choice, if you are have a range cooker hood, then we have the 90cm range cooker hoods right up to the 120cm range cooker hoods, if you are wanting a built in cooker then we have a wide range of wall mounted cooker hoods in 60cm through to 90cm.

Planning the position of your cooker hood is absolutely crucial as to the effectiveness and performance of the cooker hoods lifespan.

First decide with your kitchen planner the position of your cooker, always if possible plan your built in cooker or range cooker on a outside wall, this will be the shortest route for ducting and most effective as to the performance of your cooker hood, “basically the shorter the run of ducting the better the performance of your cooker hood”.