Cooker Hoods - Faults And Fixes

Cooker Hoods - Faults And Fixes

Luxair Cooker hoods, whether they are built in cooker hoods or integrated cooker hoods, island cooker hoods or chimney cooker hoods, the common garden variety basic cooker hood there's only a handful of components in there, they are;

  • Cooker Hood Motor: to draw the cooking air and odours into the hood and expel it to the outside or back into the kitchen
  • Cooker hood Lamp Holders: which hold the light bulbs in the cooker hood
  • Bulbs: There are many different types of bulbs used on cooker hoods. Most common are 20w halogen bulbs and 40w standard ES bulbs and now LED lighting.
  • Control switch or PCB: this controls the speed of the motor and the lights.

Luxair cooker hoods have an additional power board for the motor or, a remote control board and a switch electronic control at the front panel but they're best left to qualified electricians to install.

You can also get remote motor cooker hoods and, again, our advice would be not to mess with it. Call our service line to have one of our engineers to sort it 01765 641888. Use our contact page #.

We supply all our cooker hood spare parts that are available but, in order to ensure that you get the correct spare part for your cooker hood it is absolutely essential that you have the model number of your cooker hood and the serial number at the very least.

If you can't find it or aren't sure please ask, it's better to do that than get the wrong parts.

Do not order merely off a photograph as a lot of cooker hood spares all look the same, especially the ones that you are liable to need like motors, control boards, lamp holders and filters.

The only standard parts are universal cooker hood filters, both grease and carbon filters and bulbs. Beyond that, they are by model and serial numbers only.

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