• Spare Remote Anzi / Tolvi / DWN

Pairing your remote to your hood

Turn the main power off to the hood 

Press and hold the plus button on the remote control 

Keep the plus button held in whilst turning the power back on to the hood

Once done you should hear a beep sound. 

Your hood and remote should now be paired. 


Replacement or extra remote control for the very latest Luxair Cooker Hoods with a sleek and minimalistic design.

This remote control fob will opperate the LA-90-DWN, LA-90-ANZI, LA-Tolvi, LA-350/650/950-CE 

The remote needs to be paired up, it will not automatically pick up the sensor in you cooker hood. Please use the instructions in the tab above to pair your remote. 

Spare Remote Anzi / Tolvi / DWN

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