Cooker Hood Charcoal Filter Kit Celux


We recommend to clean your charcoal filters every 3 Months or every 50 hours of cooking for best performance. This will help keep your motor unclogged and free from odours,and will prolong the life of your motor.

Luxair offer washable long-life carbon filters for the CELUX-BR-SM, DELUX-BR-SM, GEALUX-SM and now the SOFFITTO-SM ceiling hoods. These filters require a specific holding mechanism to ensure the filter is secured to the hood. This filter fits underneath the motor and is held in place by the metal grill.

The price is for 1 filter and 1 Metal Grill.

These filters are washable and can be used for up to 2 years.

Washable Long-life Filter Kit for CELUX-SM / DELUX-SM / GEALUX-SM and SOFFITTO-SM Ceiling Hoods.

  • 99.0€

  • Ex Tax: 80.5€